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Welcome to rhoome!

We look forward to welcoming you and presenting our womenswear, accessories & deco collections, carefully selected from passionate and talented artisans designers most from South Africa, Scandinavia, France
VIEW DETAIL We are Luzern

We are Luzern

Businesses bridging the crisis with vouchers 07.04.2020
VIEW DETAIL Héloïse Levieux

Héloïse Levieux

Textil objects from Brittany 19.11.2019

AVEVA Design

Trivet, oven gloves, pouf of colored wool felt & small ceramics for the table, designed in Malmö, Sweden 16.10.2019

ever tried?

ever tried?
Use SOAP NUTS as a 100% organic alternative to synthetic laundry detergents.

Benefits of Soap nuts: All-natural, biodegradable, organically grown, odorless, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, gentle on delicate clothing, perfect for sensitive skin and allergies, naturally repels insects.

CARE by ME soap nuts are collected from the wilds of Nepal and are carefully handsorted.